CETAF : Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities


This 'flash survey' is launched by the CETAF Scientific and Research Working Group (SciReG). It aims to understand the place and contribution of CETAF and its institutions in the European landscape of research in taxonomy, and their impact on obtaining a better knowledge of biodiversity.

Taxonomy contains three major activities: identification, description and classification of living organisms. Research in taxonomy delivers knowledge to all scientific fields and disciplines that use biodiversity data. The survey will assess, for each activity, how taxonomic research and expertise are distributed within CETAF institutions and within Europe. It aims to identify gaps and assess where taxonomic research is flourishing or where is threatened.

This survey is aimed to all taxonomists in Europe. In order to remain attractive and useful, it is based on a very small number of questions that can be answered within a few minutes. We invite you to share this survey widely among your networks and colleagues!

Technical information: you must enable JavaScript sessions to have your answers recorded (the questionnaire will not work if your browser is set to anonymous mode). Session data are only used to have the questionnaire split on four different web pages, no other information is recorded.