I.G. Number : 25170
Number in Collection : MT.3473


Name: General Collection/Types
Institution: Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences (RBINS)
Conservator: Samyn Yves (Dr.)
: yves.samyn@naturalsciences.be


Taxonomy: Gulella garambae Van Bruggen & Van Goethem, 1999 species

Specimen Characteristics

Number of items : 1
Type : paratype
Sex : -
Stage : -
Country :
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
Codes :
  • MT.3473
UUID : 8a70feb3-fe30-4313-aaf4-c0616e23f840

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Gulella garambae Van Bruggen & Van Goethem, 1999.pdf

Associated comment

General : MT.3473 Gulella garambae van Bruggen & van Goethem, 1999 D.R.Congo, Eastern Province, Parc National de la Garamba loc.PNG,1208,Sta.II/gd/8, source in savanna between decaying herbs, c. 750m, 28-IX-1951, leg. P. Schoemaker, vide Van Bruggen & Van Goethem, Bull. I.R.S.N.B. Biol. 69.32,1999 Paratype

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