I.G. Number : 19985
Number in Collection : MT.147


Name: General Collection/Types
Institution: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)
Conservator: Samyn Yves (Dr.)
: yves.samyn@naturalsciences.be


Taxonomy: Sphaerium victoriae lacuum Mandahl - Barth, 1954 sub species

Specimen Characteristics

Number of items : 2
Type : paratype
Sex : unknown
Stage : unknown
Country :
  • Uganda
Codes :
  • MT.147
UUID : a750b773-93b8-4263-9637-3d4206d66149

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Sphaerium victoriae lacuum Mandahl - Barth, 1954.pdf

Associated comment

General : MT.147 Sphaerium victoriae lacuum M-B Lake Albert: NW of Butiaba, 20m Paratypes Mandahl - Barth 03.02.1951 I.G.19985 Public. Manhal- Barth,G., 1954, Annls Mus.R.Congo belge, Tervuren, Sc.Zool,32:176.[fig.94].
General : (note by C. d'Udekem d'Acoz 2022)
General : Mandahl-Barth, G. (1954). The freshwater Mollusks of Uganda and adjacent territories. Annalen van het Koninklijk Museum van Belgisch - Congo = Annales du Musée Royal du Congo Belge. Sciences zoologiques, 32: 1-205., available online at http://krishikosh.egranth.ac.in/bitstream/1/2034392/1/CIFE-126.pdf - page(s): 169, fig. 87g, 89d-e

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