I.G. Number : 32346
Number in Collection : B9874


Name: Natural building stones
Institution: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)
Conservator: De Ceukelaire Marleen (Mevr.)

Common Names

Classification Community/language Names


Chronostratigraphy: Jurassic system
Lithology: Sandstone rock

Specimen Characteristics

Number of items : 1
Type : specimen
Sex : -
Stage : -
Country :
  • France
Codes :
  • B9874
UUID : e0387035-862e-437c-8e35-f09cba208757

Associated comment

Description : Crèche-1 (slijpplaat n° 37) Licht zandige pelecypod floatstone – lumachelle met schelpen tot enkele cm lengte. Zandkorrels (kwarts) 80-400 micron.

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