I.G. Number : 10591
Number in Collection : MT.3684


Name: Dautzenberg Collection/Types
Institution: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)
Conservator: Samyn Yves (Dr.)
: yves.samyn@naturalsciences.be


Taxonomy: Helix bigoti Crosse, 1867 species

Specimen Characteristics

Number of items : 1
Type : syntype
Sex : -
Stage : -
Country :
  • Mayotte
Codes :
  • MT.3684
UUID : 2f565c6c-57d5-4712-a298-10243cd2b713

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Helix bigoti Crosse.pdf

Associated comment

General : MT.3684 ex.tiroir:982 Coll. Crosse & Daniel Helix bigoti Crosse Loc: Mayotte (intérieure)(1863) Syntype I.G.10591

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