Name: Types Virtual Collections
Institution: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)
Conservator: Dekoninck Wouter (Dr.)
Staff Member: Kerkhof Stefan (Dhr.)


Taxonomy: Hypnoidus himalayensis Stibick, 1980 species

Specimen Characteristics

Number of items : 1
Type : Holotype
Sex : unknown
Stage : -
Country :
  • Democratische Republiek Congo
  • Congo
  • Congo-Kinshasa
  • République démocratique du Congo
Codes :
  • EVCT.2996
UUID : 54769907-39de-423d-8829-22820628ee52

Associated comment

General : Label 1/5 Holotype Label 2/7 Holotype Hypnoidus himalayensis n.sp. By J. Stibick Label 3/5 n. sp. 1898, himalayensis, Simba Label 4/5 Collection Candeze Label 5/5 Coll. R.I.Sc.N.B. Congo belge, Simba Label 7/7 la tête manque
Taxonomy : A revision of the Hypnoidinae of the world. PART IV. THE HYPNOIDINAE OF INDIA Section 12 * by JEFFREY N. L. STIBICK, p.261-262: " Type Material: Dr. CANDEZE was apparently going to describe this species, for I have his type specimen before me from the Royal Belgium Museum. The description was never published, so I am doing so here, and retaining the name given by Dr. CANDEZE. His specimen becomes the Holotype, with the following labels : "Simia", "Collection, E. CANDEZE", "Cryptohypnus himalayensis H., Det. E. CANDEZE", red lettered "Type" label, "n. sp., 1898, Himalayensis, Simia, fl.".

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